By a donation to MWDA you are providing opportunities and promoting solutions for millions of women, girls, and children in Cameroon. By giving a cash, or in-kind donation, you will be: Giving to a woman who needs education, skills, and finances to develop an income generating activity for the health and livelihood of a family, Giving to a child who needs basic care, primary education, skills and training, helping a youth who needs to leave the street (with crime, prostitution, and drugs) to gain skills and honest employment. Our influence is multiplied many times over.

Donate through paypal

Click the button at the tp to donate. “You ca donate using eith your paypal account, credit card, or master card. After following the button, please indicate if you will be paying weekly or monthly ”.

Donate through Mobile Money

Send your donation through MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money and Express Union Money Fill Amount and click on donate